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Smalls Jazz Club


183 West 10th Street
New York, NY 10014
ph. 212 252-5091
em. smallslive@gmail.com


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Brian Charette
Smalls Jazz Club
New York, NY
Brian Charette
Smalls Jazz Club
New York, NY
Brent Birckhead
Smalls Jazz Club
New York, NY
The Horns Band
Smalls Jazz Club
New York, NY


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Smalls Jazz Club

Spike Wilner has spent a good chunk of his life fronting the piano at Smalls, at its first incarnation as the wildly popular BYOB that Mitch Borden created in the ‘90s and during the less storied but still musically vibrant era of the last couple of years.

Now, ensconced in a tiny pocket of an office tucked into the back of the premises at 183 West 10th Street, he’s talking about his plans for the legendary Greenwich Village club, which he has just acquired with a partner, Lee Kostrinsky, an old friend. He and Kostrinsky promise to bring Smalls back to the play-hard (in terms of fun and music), live-loose vibe of its glory days while ensuring, hopefully, its staying power into the future. Not easy in post-9/11 NYC.

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